Technical Tracks

Technical tracks chair: Kampanart Silva (ENTEC, Thailand)


The call for Summaries is now open until the 1st of December 2021!

Please visit Indico in order to submit your summary to IYNC2022.

Technical Tracks of IYNC2022 are (please find an extended description in Indico):
  • tt1
    Reactor Design, Operation, Maintenance and Digitalization
  • tt2
    Advanced Reactors, SMRs and Fusion Technologies
  • tt3
    Nuclear Physics, Neutronics and Reactor Physics
  • tt4
    Thermal Hydraulics
  • tt5
    Nuclear and Structural Materials
  • tt6
    Nuclear Safety, Security, Safeguards and Radiation Protection
  • tt7
    Nuclear Fuel Cycle, Waste Management and Decommissioning
  • tt8
    Policy, Economic and Social Aspects of Nuclear Applications
  • tt9
    Communication, Knowledge Management and YGN Best Practices
  • tt10
    Non-Power Nuclear Applications