Technical tours

Technical tours

At IYNC 2022 You will have a unique opportunity to join technical tours of Russia’s exceptional top nuclear facilities. Russia’s nuclear industry is as diverse as the country itself. Four different technical tour clusters will be available – the “Western Atom”, the “Northern Atom”, the “Eastern Atom” and the «Central Atom». You will get the opportunity to choose one technical tour among those clusters.

During these exciting tours you will have opportunity not only find out more about Rosatom’s industrial enterprises, but also meet talented young professionals. You will learn about people who were at the origins of Russian nuclear industry and about our peers who are developing nuclear energy now by creating breakthrough technologies.

Eastern Atom

Flights from Sochi to Ekaterinburg are included. Bus transfers from Ekaterinburg (EkB) to technical facilities are included. Traveling time from EkB to Novouralsk is 1.5 hours, from EkB to Zarechny is 1 h. There is possibility to choose one day (27 th of May) or two days (27-28th of May) Technical tours.


Rosatom, National Operator For Radioactive Waste Management, Federal State Unitary Enterprise

NORW FSUE, is the only organization authorized to conduct activities for the final isolation of radioactive waste, as well as other related functions.

The widespread use of nuclear energy in science, industry and everyday life is accompanied by the production of radioactive waste. The quantity of nuclear materials accumulated since the start of the Soviet nuclear project now present in the Russian Federation amounts to about 500 million cubic meters. That is why solving the problems of nuclear heritage and ensuring nuclear and radiation safety of the people and the environment for millennia is a serious technical, economic, and most importantly, social objective.

Until recently, RW management was based on the practice of long-term storage and deferred decision on the final isolation. At NORW FSUE you will visit the first site of shallow ground, near-surface disposal in Russia, get acquainted with top-notch RW management solutions and see how much Rosatom cares about safety.

Rosatom, Joint Stock Company Ural Electrochemical Integrated Plant (JSC “UEIP”)

UEIP is the country’s first enterprise for gas diffusion separation of uranium isotopes and production of highly enriched uranium for nuclear charges.

The whole country contributed to the plant creation almost 64 years ago, the impassable taiga dominated the facility’s location.

Nowadays, UEIP is the world biggest enrichment plant and comprises 48% of Russian uranium enrichment capacities.


Rosatom, Beloyarsk NPP

This is the oldest and at the same time most state-of-the-art nuclear power plant in Russia. It is the first and only nuclear power plant in the world where a fast neutron reactor is in commercial operation.

Four power units were built at the station: two with supercritical water reactors and two with fast neutron reactors. The supercritical water reactors have now been shut down. Unit 3 with a BN-600 reactor and Unit 4 with a BN-800 reactor are both in operation. The BN-800 is the world's largest fast neutron reactor.

Western Atom

Leningrad NPP

The Leningrad NPP is the first nuclear power plant with RBMK-1000 reactors (which have now been significantly modernized). It also houses power units with Generation 3+ VVER-1200 reactors, the most advanced and innovative reactors that meet post-Fukushima safety requirements. The first power unit with VVER-1200 RU was launched in 2018, the second is under construction. This creates a unique opportunity to see the evolutionary stage of nuclear power development from RBMK-1000 to VVER-1200 reactors

Northern Atom

1 or 2 Days at Murmansk, depending on flights. Flights to Murmansk will be included as well as transfer to the Icebreaker. Hotel booking at own expenses of participants.

Rosatom, Atomflot, "50 years of Victory” Nuclear Icebreaker

The largest and most modern of nuclear-powered ships of the Arctic currently in operation. This icebreaker is a modernized design of the second generation of Arctic-class nuclear icebreakers – the most powerful ever built.

"50 years of Victory" was tourists have a unique opportunity to go on a voyage to the northernmost point of the planet on this real operating icebreaker.

Central Atom

PJSC "Machine-Building Plant" (PJSC "MSZ")

Machine-building plant - one of the largest industrial enterprises in the country. "MSZ" is included in the Fuel Company "Twell",, Rosatom State Corporation and is one of the world's leading manufacturers and nuclear fuel suppliers for nuclear power plants.

Organizational information:
  • Technical Tours will be organized after the Conference on the 27-28th of May 2022
  • It is possible to organize a one-day or two-day technical tour, depending on the availability of the enterprise and the logistic issues
  • Flights to the cities of Technical tours, transfer and cultural program will be included
  • Hotel booking will not be included (but we’ll give you advice about the hotels)
  • Please, note that we have strong limit of participants for each Technical Tour!
  • The organizers reserve the right to change the list of companies within each technical tour.
  • Registration for Technical tours will be closed on the 15th of February!

If you are interested in participation in Technical Tours, please, choose this option during the process of Registration! More detailed information about Technical Tours, its Program and conditions will be provided soon!